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Разве не мечта современного либерала/социалиста
• Lowering the minimum voting age to eighteen, the minimum age for representatives to twenty-five, and universal suffrage, including for women.
• “The abolition of the Senate and the creation of a national technical council on intellectual and manual labor, industry, commerce and culture.”
• End of the draft.
• Repeal of titles of nobility.
• “A foreign policy aimed at expanding Italy’s will and power in opposition to all foreign imperialisms.”
• The prompt enactment of a state law sanctioning a legal workday of eight actual hours of work for all workers.
• A minimum wage.
• The creation of various government bodies run by workers’ representatives.
• Reform of the old-age and pension system and the establishment of age limits for hazardous work.
• Forcing landowners to cultivate their lands or have them expropriated and given to veterans and farmers’ cooperatives.
• The obligation of the state to build “rigidly secular” schools for the raising of “the proletariat’s moral and cultural condition.” • “A large progressive tax on capital that would amount to a one-time partial expropriation of all riches.”
• “The seizure of all goods belonging to religious congregations and the abolition of episcopal revenues.”
• The “review” of all military contracts and the “sequestration of 85% of all war profits.”
• The nationalization of all arms and explosives industries.

Goldberg, Jonah (2008-01-08). Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning (Kindle Locations 893-897). The Crown Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

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