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Так что, капитализм улучшает условия труда или социализм?

The Best State
Texas. After finishing second on this list last year, Texas took over the top spot in 2015. Texas scored well across the board on a variety of employment conditions, contributing to a healthy economy. In 2013, the state’s gross domestic product expanded 3.7 percent – higher than the 1.8 percent growth rate for the rest of the U.S., according to The Texas Economy run by the state Comptroller’s office. Although average wages in Texas was only slightly above the national average, workers in Texas get good value from those wages. The cost of living in the state is below average, and there is no state income tax. On top of those economic considerations, only one state (Louisiana) had fewer incidents of workplace illness, injuries and fatalities. Put it all together, and Texas ranks as this year's best state for making a living.

The(second) Worst State
Oregon. Cost of living and taxes were also leading factors in why Oregon finished as the second-worst state for making a living, dropping 11 places in the 50-state ranking from last year. The cost of living in Oregon is not as high as in Hawaii, but it is 28.5 percent higher than the national average. Wages are only a little above of the national average, so they don't adequately compensate for the high cost of living and taxes. The estimate of state tax on average income in Oregon is $3,981.50. On top of those economic disadvantages, Oregon also had one of the highest rates of workplace safety incidents. In March 2015, Oregon noted that there was a slight rise in worker fatalities in 2014 from the previous year.

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