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Marxism: Philosophy and Economics
В конце классные цитаты от Ленина :)

До революции:
Capitalist culture has created large-scale production, factories, railways,
the postal service, telephones, etc. and on this basis the great majority of
the functions of the old "state power" have become so simplified and can
be reduced to such exceedingly simply operations of registration, filing
and checking that they can be easily performed by every literate person,
can quite easily be performed for ordinary "workmen's wages".

После революции:
At this desperate juncture, Lenin announced his New Economic Policy, allowing
peasants and small capitalists to sell in the marketplace. He also drastically revised his
view of the importance of skills. Lenin declared before the Communist Part Congress in
1920 that "we need people who are versed in the art of administration," and admitted that
"there is nowhere we can turn to for such people except the old class."
As the New
Economic Policy unfolded, Lenin came down hard on the side of capitalist management
prerogatives, including "authority independently to fix wages" in order to make each
business "pay its own way" to produce "increasing profits," with attention to "carefully
selecting the most talented and capable administrative personnel."87 He warned that "all
direct interference by the trade unions in the management of factories must be regarded
as positively harmful and impermissible."88 Indeed, he declared the role of trade unions to
be "to act as mediators" between workers and management,89 and their success to be
judged by "the degree to which they succeed in averting mass disputes."90 In his 1920
address to the Communist Party Congress, Lenin declared: "Opinions on corporate
management are all too frequently imbued with a spirit of sheer ignorance, an anti-expert
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