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Just this summer, two teenage boys who had sadistically murdered a two-year-old toddler in Britain when they were ten years old were released from prison—and given new identities, so that they would not suffer any bad consequences from members of the public who were not as much in tune with current non-judgmental fashions. What other people might suffer from these young killers in the course of another half century or more of their lives did not seem to raise nearly as much concern. Shrinks said that they were no danger to others—which is what shrinks said about some of the American teenagers who later killed their schoolmates in shooting sprees. At a cost of about $2 million to the British taxpayers, the young British killers and their families have been set up in three-bedroom homes. They have even been given spending money, with which one of the parents has bought a car. Even before being released from “imprisonment”—in facilities without bars but with TV and other amenities, including karate lessons and spending money for Christmas—the young killers were allowed out on supervised furlough to see sports events and even visit shopping malls. It was at a shopping mall that they had lured the little toddler away and then tortured him to death. The foreman of the jury that convicted them recalls seeing the terrible pictures of the little toddler’s body and then catching the eye of one of the young killers—who smirked in the courtroom. However, the politically correct line in Britain, as in the United States, is that expressed by a “penal reform” advocate, who said: “If children do something wrong, they should be dealt with through the care system and not the criminal justice system.” Meanwhile, the liberal media in England has vilified the mother of the murdered child, who has protested these boys’ early release and the posh life provided for them and their families. The media “compared her unfavourably with more forgiving mothers,” according to The Guardian newspaper. Apparently all mothers should be non-judgmental about their babies’ sadistic young killers.

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